Porsche Boxster S Convertible

Rent a Porsche Boxster S Convertible in Atlanta

The moment you pick up your Porsche Boxster S Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, you will just fall in love with this sexy little roadster. This compact, low to the ground car has a balanced wheel base and a baby bottom smooth frame. Leather sports seats, a formula one style head rest, and a rear wind guard all add to the visual appeal, making this car look a bit like a life-sized Matchbox Car, the kind of car you wanted to drive ever since you were a kid.

A few utilitarian features make it perfectly clear, though, that this is anything but a Matchbox Car. Hands free Bluetooth calling and built in cruise control making cruising convenient in this luxurious soft top convertible, whether you are driving with the top up or down. But, the most impressive feature, especially for a sports car, is the 30 mile per gallon fuel efficiency of this vehicle. That is one of the best fuel efficiencies you can find in a sport car and means your rental vehicle from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta won’t unnecessarily eat into your vacation budget.

Porsche Boxster S Convertible Rental in Atlanta

The Porsche Boxster S Convertible is an ideal vehicle for day trips, especially if you have some leave from Dobbins Air Force Base. When you rent from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we will deliver the car to the base (or any other location in or near Atlanta) and pick it up when you are done with it. Athens is a lovely city year round and Macon is best during the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival. Where ever you take your trip, your Porsche Boxster S Convertible rental will get you there in the style and comfort that you can only get from a Porsche convertible.

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