Rent a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider in Atlanta

The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a true feat in Italian engineering. Like every other Ferrari in existence, the Spider is a ground hugging, sharp looking sports car with nearly unparalleled performance. The direct injection V-8 engine of this vehicle gives it a lightning fast sprint speed of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 199 miles per hour. If you know anything about Ferraris, you might be wondering why it doesn’t break the 200 mile per hour barrier. The reason is because this vehicle is also a hard top convertible.

That means it is the only hard top convertible with a rear engine and easily one of the fastest hard top convertibles ever produced. With the top down, the car looks a bit like an oversized Formula One car and the cockpit style seats and pair of digital monitors that give you complete information about every system in the car further emphasize that feeling. But, unlike a Formula One car, this car also has built-in GPS navigation which means you can use it to enjoy highways as well as race tracks.

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Rental in Atlanta

The variety of things you can do with your Ferrari 458 Italia Spider rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta is absolutely astounding. With Exotic Car Rental Atlanta’s policy of delivering your rental to any location in the city, you could pick it up at the Atlanta International Airport, take it for a speed test at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, and then cruise over to the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, where you could even arrange for Exotic Car Rental Atlanta to pick up the car when you are done with it.

But the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider isn’t a car designed for exploring cities. It is car designed for exploring states. Cruise down the highway, with the top down, and visit other amazing Georgian cities, like Savannah, Athens, or St. Simons Island. With GPS and outstanding performance, this is an ideal exotic vehicle for driving on the beautiful scenic highways that cross the Peach State.

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