Burton further writes that the companies have received financial incentives from governments to ensure that they produce efficient vehicles in the name of electric cars. They have been recognized as an essential building block of the energy transition. (pg. This sector should all find a way of cooperating and competing with each other to achieve this goal. Andrew Liszewski. Notter, Dominic A., et al. Mi, Chris, and M. Abul Masrur. on the other hand argues that this different types of electric cars will be able to tap power from different source thereby stabilizing the existing power grid. In order to introduce this new technology to the world, both the private and public sectors will have to work together. The report discusses various aspects of Military Electric Cars industry such as major growth driving factors, constraints, opportunities prevailing in the industry. The thing that set it apart was that it was an electric carriage powered by non-rechargeable primary cells. They are used in many different aspects of industry, and commercial use of this technology has never been higher. Click to learn more, Watch out! Drones are the key technology of the coming two decades. *Service is provided by our writing partner Gradesfixer. Hacker et al (pg56-90) also claims that it takes twice the energy to produce an electric car as compared to a normal diesel or gasoline powered car.  A rechargeable battery. In this research paper, the actual effects of electric cars to the environment will be examined thoroughly. The BMW Group has now increased the number of electrified vehicles (fully-electric and plug-in hybrid) in its line-up to 13 models, available in 74 markets around the globe. Furthermore, the research paper will provide sustainable solutions to help solve the negative effects to the environment. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Though brilliant, the end products of combustion namely carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide led to global warming. New research about electric cars found that there is perhaps a surprising attitude towards EVs held by motorists, that may not be assumed. Under the hood, the electric car has:  An electric motor. Often, the only thing that clues the vehicle is electric is the fact that it is nearly silent. Learning from electric cars as socio-technical mobility experiments: where next?. Obvious advantage of such cars is that th… 259-270) poses that the problem with internal combustion engines is not so much in their efficiency but that they burn fossil fuels whose byproducts in the form of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are slowly destroying the ozone layer and trapping heat in the atmosphere which leads to global warming. Over time the engine was improved, and the aesthetics of the car grew to reflect artistry on wheels. Helmers, Eckard. However, recharging away from home is becoming easier as public and workplace charging stations become more widely available. Dias et al. The new models should be designed in such a way that they not only draw power from the grid, but when they are parked, they should be connected to feed additional power back to the electric grid when there is high demand for electricity. This was the precursor to the automobile. The hydrogen is then used in powering hydrogen cell. The term for them is an electric vehicle. Tesla unveiled the roadster at the San Francisco Auto-show in November 2006 with a promise to start mass producing the car in 2008. With electric cars making up 2.6% of global car sales and about 1% of global car stock, and with market and technology progress being made in electrification in non-car modes, EV rollout is expanding quickly. Jager, Wander, Marco Janssen, and Marija Bockarjova. The companies will bring together their software and hardware engineering excellence, cloud computing capabilities, manufacturing know-how and partner ecosystem to transform transportation. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Through public-private partnership and cutting-edge engineering ideas, the transition to sustainable technologies throughout the world. Electric cars are more than a novel means of mobility. Car servicing website ClickMechanic highlights that electric car brakes usually last longer, too. Wilson, Lindsay. “Shades of green: electric cars’ carbon emissions around the globe.” (2013).