See previous articles. All those homeowners who have been installing residential solar panels over the last decade may find it was a more practical decision than they thought. See previous articles. Ny Times Student Edition . I at times think about the August approaching, and i feel a little uneasy having to start with a group of students that i will think are less mature than myself. Read more… April 19, 2016 How Dwindling Fish Stocks Got a Reprieve. The Archive includes all the articles (text-only) of the The New York Times back to 1996; you can purchase one article for $2.50 or up to 25 articles for $19.95 (a 68 percent savings from the single-article price), depending on how often you use the Archive. In this lesson, students will learn about the people who participated in the violence at the Capitol as well as the flags, clothing and hand gestures they displayed and what they represent. Do you ever have feelings of self-doubt, that you’re not good enough or that you don’t belong? By Gretchen Reynolds October 8, 2014 12:01 … Supported by. On Wednesday, Joseph R. Biden Jr. will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. This website is owned and operated by the Institute and all classes and programs are offered by the Institute. Then, they will consider the power of friendship and magical thinking — especially in these trying times. Articles from 1851-1980 are available either in full-text or partial articles. Close search Site Search Navigation . Nevertheless, the New York Times made the decision to begin charging for access to their online news stories and features, and that went into effect on Monday afternoon. Find a Bonanza of Summary Examples on Any Times Section Front: Look at a variety of New York Times article summaries by going to any section front that interests you. In this Times feature, celebrities share 10 cultural items they can’t live without. On Saturday, The New York Times ran a piece on the rise of screen time among children.Chief among this article's concerns was the fact that kids have begun to play more video games during the pandemic and are growing too attached to their screens. Live news, investigations, opinion, photos and video by the journalists of The New York Times from more than 150 countries around the world. “That should reassure parents worried that their kids are never going to get back on track after a gap year,” says Bob Clagett, a former dean of admissions at Middlebury who conducted the study. Will You Sprint, Stroll or Stumble into a Career? Students gathered around a therapy dog during an event at U.C.F. The Institute of Media and Communication LLC d/b/a The School of The New York Times (the "Institute") is a licensee of The New York Times Company. Remer, a student at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, is serving a year-long internship at the Lutheran Church of Our Savior in Jamaica, Queens, New York. The University of Minnesota study tracked 9,000 high school students in five districts in Colorado, Wyoming and Minnesota before and after schools shifted start times. What do you think should be the goals and priorities for the new Biden-Harris administration? December 2020. The lead author of the study, Dr. Robert Vorona of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, suggested that starting the school day later New York Times Learning . In its last six months, the United States government has put 13 prisoners to death. Loading... See next articles. If there is a dominant message in the responses to my column about the dangers of relying on student evaluations to assess teacher performance, it is, “It’s worse than you think.”. … Do you think capital punishment should end? Clear this text input. Longer Lunch Periods Mean Fuller Students. The New York Times Article Archive contains articles dating back to 1851, which can be accessed through archive search. In the article “Taking My Kid Out of School for a Family Vacation Shouldn’t Be ‘Illegal,’” Jeanne Sager recounts the time she took her daughter out of school for a family vacation, and the school responded by labeling those absences “illegal.”Ms. In this lesson, students will learn about how schools across the country have responded to teaching during the coronavirus pandemic. What does this transition in leadership mean to you? What would you add to the Travel section’s “52 Places to Love in 2021”? Clear this text input. The New York Times Company and Verizon today joined forces to offer all students and teachers in high schools within the U.S. free digital access to Read more… More From Fixes » April 21, 2016 Fractured: A First Date. Through a deal with Verizon, the Times is giving free access to and its mobile apps to American high school students for the next three months. The New York Times reported this week that almost a dozen Liberty University students have come down with COVID-19 symptoms since the school reopened last week. Full-text archive articles include the entire text of an article. Ryan Collerd for The New York Times Jim Brozina read aloud to his daughter for 3,218 straight days, until she left for college. The report examined the comparative research on online versus traditional classroom teaching from 1996 to 2008. Keep in mind, however, ... since the reading level of many Times articles is too difficult for many elementary school students. New York City public-school teachers may not contact students through personal pages on Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, but can communicate through pages set up for classroom use, report David W. Chen and Patrick McGeehan in Wednesday’s New York Times, according to new rules by the city’s Education Department. The Learning Network Nytimes . For example, the Science Times has … Search Or do a handful of tech giants have too much power to control who has a platform to speak? Credit Douglas Bovitt for The New York Times At a tent outside, their greeter was the center’s mascot and irresistible magnet: a 14-pound Havanese, a certified therapy dog whom many clients ask to hold during individual sessions, stroking his silky white coat to alleviate anxiety. Introduction to ‘Student Opinion Questions’. The flipped classroom is a new experience for students — but also for teachers, who are going from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side,” as many education writers put it. It is definitely a time when i have matured. New York Times Learning Center . At the Facing History School in New York City, students and school officials discuss tips for dealing with cyberbullying. Mot de passe If you have an authenticated UC Davis login, you now have complimentary access to The New York Times online! Recent research offers a balm for that fear. The students do not simply laugh, they whoop and holler, throw their heads back in open-mouthed guffaws and shake their heads in disbelief. Researchers find that students’ reading comprehension was lower when they read books on electronic devices. There was a time not too long ago when The New York Times was a newspaper, not a wokeness manufacturing plant churning out identity politics and … Explore the related New York Times Learning Network lesson If Memory Serves for more information on Dr. Dweck’s work. Why Do People Share Online? The New York Times. For good teachers, that’s liberating. Credit Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times Among the many challenges faced by children with dyslexia (and by their parents and teachers) is the nagging fear that their difficulties with reading are entirely hard-wired: predetermined by their genes and impossible to change. Go to related article » Credit Nancy Palmieri for The New York Times. Dozens of lesson plan ideas, activities and Times materials for exploring the causes and consequences of this assault on democracy in the United States. In this lesson, students learn about the youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history and consider her work as part of a tradition of occasional poetry. Go to related 2010 article » This page started as a post , and then that post kept growing…and growing…and growing. Noah Berger for The New York Times Tyler Kennedy, 9, searches the Web at home in California. For a complete guide to The Times … In this Times feature, celebrities share 10 cultural items they can’t live without. Go. Well | How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains Search. With students across the country impacted by school closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, this partnership will help to keep them educated, informed and connected. New York Times Sunday Subscription With luck, when they graduate, there will still be ranks of literary nonfiction authors left for them to join. Does the attack on the U.S. Capitol justify the move? Back in July of last year, the NYT’s ‘The Truth Is Worth It’ advertising campaign made paying for high-quality news the responsibility of the public. Are growing concerns over the negative impact on children warranted or greatly exaggerated? Photo by Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times. The New York Times. • Go to Web Site » The Choice | Advice for Smart Students on Succeeding in College Search. For example, medical students at Oxford University had similar “health anxiety” scores to control groups comprised of non-medical students and non-students.