BMW i8

Rent a BMW i8 in Atlanta

From top to bottom, a BMW i8 rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta is a truly magnificent car. This savvy hybrid has amazing fuel mileage, shockingly good performance, a stylish BMW interior, and a suite of modern technological features. Three different propulsion modes will allow you to choose your level of fuel efficiency, ranging from fully electrical driving to a performance focused hybrid propulsion. In fact, that performance is quite remarkable, with a 3.8 second sprint time that will quickly power the car up to 155 miles per hour.

As amazing as the performance and fuel economy of this car is, the best features are arguably on the inside. Built-in GPS navigation with weather updates can direct you about the city and suburbs of Atlanta while searching for some great Georgian cuisine, like Joe’s Crab Shack. And driving is easy, no matter the traffic or weather, with the built-in driver assistance that combines side and rear cameras with collision detection to keep you safe while on the road. But for the modern driver, the best part has to be that all of the internal systems can be fully controlled from your smart phone with the BMW iRemote App.

BMW i8 Rental in Atlanta

The best place to get Atlanta BMW i8 rentals is from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta. When you rent from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, you can receive delivery of and drop off your exotic car rental anywhere in the city. Thus, you could have your car delivered to the Atlanta Airport, ready to drive the moment you step out of the terminal, enjoy a few days exploring the city, maybe taking in a Braves game at Turner Field or meeting the shark at Georgia Aquarium, and then drop off your car at the Atlanta train station before continuing your trip to another city.

It is a convenience that is in line with the convenience you get from driving a BMW i8. With up to 22 miles of fully electrical driving, this is a car that lets you explore Atlanta without ever having to purchase gas. Take advantage of both of these conveniences when you next visit Atlanta, GA for business or pleasure.

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