You know the saying “Beauty is only skin deep”…well the Bentley Continental GT proves this to be wrong. This car is more than just a pretty face it also has a pretty interior. Once inside you will be spoiled by luxury. As you sit in the seats you will be wrapped in exquisite leather, as you look around the cockpit you will find that the GT is decked out with exotic wood trim. And the luxury doesn’t stop there, all of the amenities and features were designed to spoil its passengers.
Ok, enough with the luxury and beauty talk. Let’s get to the important stuff. The GT is fast, going from 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds. And don’t think that this car stops at 60, it keeps on going all the way up to 198 mph. It’s equipped with all wheel drive which provides superior handling and stability around those twists and turns. After driving this car you will understand what the true meaning of perfection is. The Bentley GT is a popular exotic car rental in atlanta.
Call us today at (888) 513-9711 to reserve your Bentley Continental GT rental in Atlanta. We offer free delivery and pickup of this vehicle in the Atlanta area. Delivery and pickup of this vehicle is also available to locations outside of the Atlanta area, call us for details.

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