About Us

At Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we take pride in offering an unparalleled service to anyone looking to rent or hire an exotic or luxury car in Georgia. For us, offering the best luxury car rentals means more than just providing the best cars, it means providing a service that customers can trust. We create this trust by making the process of renting a luxury car simple, affordable, and convenient. We measure this trust by the number of satisfied customers that give us return business or recommend us to friends, family, and colleagues. This is why, at Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we commit to the following values for our service.


When you rent or hire a car from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we make every effort to make the rental process as convenient as possible. This means that we will deliver and pick up your luxury rental car at any location in any of the many Georgia cities where we offer service, including Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Marietta, and Augusta. Luxury car rentals are made easier when you don’t need to come into our showroom to pick up or drop off your car.


At Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we offer a wide range of exotic and luxury cars to rent. We have SUV rentals, sports cars, town cars, sedans, and many more options. But simply providing a wide selection is only valuable if we also provide you the tools to choose the best one. To that end, we encourage customers to come into our showroom, located next to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, look at our cars, and even test drive them. We want our customers to rent the specialized car that best fits their needs.


One of the most important rules we have for our employees is that they must love cars. We don’t want people working for us that are just trying to rent cars, we want people who truly love the vehicles in our showroom. Thus, when rent or hire a car from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, your best source of information is our employees. These car enthusiasts will give you detailed advice about the various features and benefits of each car and can provide the most expert recommendations about which will fit your needs. And, when you take a car for a test drive, there is no better source of advice for how to drive the car comfortably and safely.


Quality means two things at Exotic Car Rental Atlanta. Quality refers both to the cars that we keep in stock and the superior standards to which we hold ourselves. In terms of cars, this means you will find cars like the Rolls Royce Ghost, Porsche Boxster S Convertible, Jaguar XJL, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray T-Top, Cadillac Escalade, and Audi R8 Spyder in our stock. In terms of standards, this means that we fully own and insure every car we rent and always keep them in the best condition.

Our Promise to You

When you rent or hire a car from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, you will always get the best quality car at the advertised price. If there is any reason the car you request is unavailable, we will upgrade your car for free. And once you have rented the car, our customer service team is available seven days a week to help with any problems. Contact us at 404-620-6959 or info@exoticcarrentalatlanta.com to get started on renting an exotic luxury car in Atlanta today.

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