I'm looking for a medium-sized hatchback. REAR OXYGEN SENSOR MAY FAIL If an electrical short occurs in the supply to the rear oxygen sensor the senor will fail but the driver will not see an immediate warning. 20-2-2018: Report that 2013 Nissan Juke 1.6 XTronic Auto Acenta lost drive twice while driving. Shiro builds on the top-of-the-range Tekna grade with prices starting from £17,695. As with most Nissan products, the Juke is available with a continuously variable transmission. Gloss black interior personalisation remains available. The small screen and dated graphics mean it’s looking very dated in 2020. 4-3-2019: Report of radio display of 2014/64 Nissan Juke showing "System failed. Quoted £4,000 to replace. Producing 140kW, it is already Euro6 compliant with target emissions of 139g/km of CO2for the 2WD versions. The Nissan Qashqai (/ ˈ k æ ʃ k aɪ /) is a compact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan since 2006. Explore features like tow-haul mode, tow mirrors, remote trailer light check & more. The pod-like instrument panels, cockpit-style design for the infotainment and air-conditioning panel, and centre console inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank between the front seats are a break from the norm. Nissan dealer offered two options: a new CVT at £7,000. Owners should wait for official notification. The existing 1.6 DIG-T petrol unit has been further improved to deliver lower end torque below 2,000rpm. 8-7-2016: Report of CVT failure on Nissan Juke. On sale throughout Europe from Summer 2014. Insurance shouldn’t be a problem, but the Juke isn’t as cheap to insure as you might think. Mirroring the Ministry of Sound’s famous black and white logo, the limited edition Juke will be available to order in Metallic Black or Solid White. Just two versions of the Nissan Juke-R are being created, one in each of left-hand and right-hand drive. 27-6-2018: Report of failure of CVT of 2011/61 Nissan Juke purchased used 2 months previously. The all-new 2021 Nissan Qashqai has been revealed – it gets a spacious new interior with the latest infotainment, self-drive technology and a choice of mild and full-hybrid petrol engines. The Nissan Juke created a new category of small crossover, below the the Qashqai. Maintain the intelligent performance of your Nissan Juke with Genuine Nissan Accessories. Delay due to dealer needing permission from Nissan UK to repair under guarantee and parts from Japan. To further enhance the bold look, the B-pillar is finished in high-gloss black, while a unique Ministry of Sound badge completes the external design package. Better, if hardly class-leading. To paraphrase Ms. Spears, the Juke was very much a case of ‘oops, Nissan did it again’, with the compact crossover adopting a similar approach to the Qashqai, albeit on a smaller scale. Nissan has offered 75% of parts cost, but not labour. You have to progress beyond the entry-level Juke to get Bluetooth and a USB port. Some versions, including the Nismo RS, use a 200PS 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine. Our recommendations is to reject the car outright. It’s fine for children, but adults won’t be comfortable on a long journey. Not only could this work out cheaper, you’ll also benefit from Nissan’s new car warranty. And with CO2 emissions of only 109g/km and combined fuel economy of 67.3mpg, the new unit is the most efficient engine in the Juke line-up. The ultimate Juke comes equipped with a new 190PS 1.6-litre direct injection turbo petrol engine in both two and four-wheel drive. Wear not present, locate source of noise and replace failed parts. The Juke with Ministry of Sound will cost from £17,895 and will be available with the full range of Juke engines, including a flagship 190PS 1.6-litre turbocharged DIG-T petrol and a 110PS 1.5-litre dCi diesel. Nissan dealer said no recalls for any such proble,. Nissan has offered £1000 towards the cost. A decade is a long time in the world of infotainment, so many versions of the Juke are lacking in this department. 3-4-2013: Report of failure of CVT transmission of October 2010 Nissan Juke 1.6 DIG-T 4x4. Awaiting decision as to whether it will be covered by warranty or by goodwill. Real MPG shows a figure of 51.7mpg is more likely, which remains an impressive result. Its success mirrors that of the larger Nissan Qashqai, although the Juke comes with crazy styling and some interesting design features on the inside. As the UK’s most popular compact crossover when new, there are loads to choose from when buying used. Launched in 2010, the Juke was a pioneer in the competitive compact crossover segment, with rivals offered by just about every mainstream manufacturer since. Diagnostics showed fault with rear lambda sensor. No noise present, check oil level after 3,000 miles. Designated HR16DE it has a larger exhaust manifold, a retuned intake manifold, twin VTC, improved intake tumble flow and new catalyst with a hexagon cell formation. Around 75 percent of all used Jukes are powered by a petrol engine. Driver says, " It’s not torque steering. Are convertibles more expensive to insure? 21-5-2014: Nissan Juke 1.6 US Recall. 5-8-2020: Report of automatic gearbox failure on 2015 Juke with 25,000 miles on the clock and a full service history with a Nissan Dealer. Combined economy also jumps from 47.1mpg to 48.7mpg too. The pack includes a white 8GB Apple iPod touch, pre-loaded with Nissan and Ministry of Sound video and photo content, and engraved on the rear with Nissan Juke and Ministry of Sound logos. A new feature is a Stop/Start system for the 117PS 1.6-litre petrol engine. You might not like it, but you can’t accuse Nissan of dialing it in. 01-02-2017: TSB recall of 2015 build Nissan Juke 1.2DIGTs to replace the pistons. Even the lowly 1.6-litre Visia gets a group eight rating, while some 1.6 DIG-T models slot into group 21. The bold styling is matched by big sales, which means the Juke is a common sight on the roads of Britain. Before he bought it he asked the salesman about the CVT. Loads of choice when buying used thanks to its popularity, bold styling, decent value for money. The bold styling is matched by big sales, which means the Juke is a common sight on the roads of Britain. The car has only done 23,700 miles. The Nissan Juke - you can’t miss it. Not so fast, because the Nissan Juke has some things going for it. Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now. If you were asked to name five famous dukes, we’d forgive you for mentioning the Nissan Juke. What do we do? CVT Transmission. 13-3-2018: Complaint of steering fault with nearly new 2017 Nissan Juke: "A fter driving it a bit over a month the steering wheel kept locking and trying to turn a corner. 251-216-4127 251-220-4492. Description: Used 2012 Nissan Frontier SL for sale - $19,998, 114,230 miles with Bed Cover, 4WD/AWD, Leather Seats, Rockford Fosgate Sound, Satellite Radio Ready, Front Seat Heaters Transmission: Automatic Color: Black Interior Color: Gray Average Vehicle Review: (4.666666666666667 reviews) 8-6-2019: Report of failure of XTronic CVT transmission of 2012/62 Nissan Juke at 34,000 miles. *All prices are Manufacturers Suggested Retail Prices and do not include [tax and] installation charges. It has been serviced by the dealer every year. Had been Nissan dealer serviced on time since new. 10-3-2015: Nissan Juke front brake discs can suffer a high wear rate. You’ll pay between £8,000 and £15,000 for a Juke Bose Personal Edition. The second (and current) generation, which was released in 2014, is … 6-5-2016: Voluntary TSB by Nissan on 2015 Juke 1.5dCi to carry out an engine management re-map and fit some new parts including a DPF as part of an upgrade requested by Nissan. Nissan paid 75% of the cost of a new engine. 14-7-2017: Report of CVT transmission of 2012 Nissan Juke failing at 28,000 miles and Nissan dealer quoting £7,000 to replace it. We love it when a plan comes together. A centre console inspired by a motorcycle fuel tank is one thing. 20-4-2019: CVT failure reported in December 2014 Nissan Juke Acenta CVT at 22,328 miles. Affects Jukes built 2012-2014. The Juke was awarded a five-star safety rating when it was crash-tested by Euro NCAP in 2011. Add protection and comfort to your drive with interior accessories. The news is less positive if you opt for a petrol engine. 26-7-2018: Report of 2012 Nissan Juke needing a new CVT transmission at a cost of £5,000. Dealer has quoted £7000 to replace the transmission. Showcase the enthusiasm you have for Nissan performance and innovation with the Nissan Merchandise Collection. * *See Offer Details Welcome to Osborne Park Nissan - Nissan Dealers Perth If you're in the market for a new Nissan or used vehicle, come and see the team at Osborne Park Nissan on Scarborough Beach Road.We've got great deals for customers all around Perth. The ride is a little uncomfortable and the steering is numb – uncomfortably numb, then? The repairs will be done free of charge by Nissan. A MIL warning may display after continued driving depending on driving/vehicle characteristics. Yje increased oil consumption is causded by low inlet manifold pressure, which, in combination with high vacuum and the flutter of the 2nd piston ring allows oil to be drawn into the cylinder and burned. : Nismo Double Stack Black Arezzo Tumbler. 25-9-2013: Cylinder misfire on no. The 1.5-litre diesel engine was recorded at over 12 times the Euro6 limit for NOx emissions in the 2017 EQUA Index. In the front is where you’ll find the best seats in the house. Nissan initially hesitant about authorising a replacement. Let us know about your car - it will only take a few minutes and you could be helping thousands of others. I've had my car serviced by the dealer every year. Owner threatening Small Claims against supplying dealer. So far, so bold, but what about the practicality? Owner reluctant to have Jule transported to a Nissan dealer. © 2021 Last week the gear box appeared to start going wrong, when owner put it in reverse it would judder and stop. 13-3-2019: Report that January 2013/62 reg Nissan Juke Tekna requires new CVT transmission at a cost of £5,000, despite full Nissan service history, all services on time. New pistons with revised crowns and integral oil jet cooling have been adopted along with low friction techniques such as diamond-like carbon coating on the valve lifters. (Car bought used 5 months before at 29,000 miles. Interior personalisation is standard on BOSE Personal Edition and Tekna grades. 3-4-2016: Report of September 2015 Nissan Juke 1.6DIGT losing power when pulling off in wet weather and sometimes whe driving. 19-2-2014: Report of 19,000 mile 3 year old Nissan Juke 1.6 2WD CVT juddering when slowing down. Completing the pack is an activation code that allows customers exclusive VIP access to the Ministry of Sound music store. Owner took this up with Nissan Customer Services and transmission was replaced FoC. Acenta spec available from £13,795 includes 17-inch alloys, climate control, Bluetooth with USB connectivity and the Nissan Dynamic Control System. 14-12-2017: Cracked and bubbled paintwork reported on centre consol of 4 month old 2017 Nissan Juke. Experience ultimate Nissan performance inspired by the race track. At the heart of Nissan Juke-R will be the GT-R's V6 turbo-charged engine that produces an incredible 480bhp. You need to buy one of the higher trim levels to get the NissanConnect 5.8-inch touchscreen navigation and entertainment system. The 2014 facelift added the option of a glass roof – the extra light helps to make the cabin feel a tad more special. When car was returned the engine was rattling and the radiator fan was on constantly. The Music Pack also contains a pair of Ministry of Sound headphones. Range Rovers and Land Rovers take six of the ten places in the 2020 list of Tracker’s most commonly stolen and recovered vehicles in 2020. Available on all manual transmission Jukes except those in Visia trim, the Stop/Start system costs just £200 extra and reduces CO2 emissions from 139g/km to 136g/km, while fuel consumption in the urban environment – one of the Juke’s natural hunting grounds – is improved by seven per cent, from 36.7mpg to 39.2mpg. Not great, to be honest. Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures. Just be aware that although the Juke pioneered the compact crossover segment, it’s no longer the class-leader. It means that it’s easy to drive on urban roads, but it lacks any form of engagement. Improvements to the interior include the choice of two new personalisation colours – Energy Orange and Power Blue. Could have been caused by air freshener dripping onto it. <25%, inspect cylinder head and block. It was taken in for service. If noise present, Perform Compression Test. Unfortunately, transmission oil radiator leak found when dismantling and charged £600 for that so total bill £1,240. The recipe is fundamentally the same: take a small car platform, raise the right height, give it funky styling and improve the practicality. Look out for tired ex-rental cars which will be showing their age, inside and out. Needs new transmission. Nissan refused help so had to be reconditioned at a cost of 4,000 Euros. Cost of repair was £3,385 at an independent transmission specialist. Quoted £540 to replace. BACKGROUND: Under a certain driving pattern the oil consumption of the HRA2DDT engine may increase significantly causing the oil level kn the engine to be reduced. Can need replacing in as little as 18,000 miles. LED fog lamps are now standard from Acenta grade. Probably. 19-4-2013: Problem of faulty cylinder head on new Nissan Juke 1.6 Acenta intransigent Nissan dealer who firstly refused to accept there was a fault then took many months to replace the cylinder head only for further problems to occur with the car. Add to this the hassle of buying and test driving a car while following social-distancing guidelines, and it makes a lot of sense to wait a few months. 17-2-2016: Significant problems reported with engine of 2012 Nissan Juke 1.6 at 27k miles: engine management warning light came on, timing chain replaced under warranty, exhaust sensor replaced, management light cvame back on dealer now had car from December and has fitted new cables, timing actuator, ECU, pins, 4 oil changes and treatments to try and clear a blockage. The first generation of the vehicle was sold under the name Nissan Dualis (Japanese: 日産・デュアリス, Nissan Dyuarisu) in Japan and Australia, and Qashqai in other markets. Spend $300.01 or More (MSRP) and Save 25% with code 25ACCY. It’s just a shame that the plastics feel cheap, with plenty of scratchy and hollow sections on display. Dealers will inspect and where necessary replace the ignition switch. 9-5-2015: "Nasty noises" and subsequent failure of CVT transmission of 18,500 mile 2012 Nissan Juke. It’s also more uncomfortable than you’d expect, with potholes and imperfections in the road sent crashing through the cabin. The original olly lasted 6 months. The car was inspired by the Qazana concept car at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, and will fit into the Nissan range between the Note compact family car and the Qashqai. Dealers will replace fuel sensors FoC. Front wheel drive or four wheel drive. The XTRONIC CVT with 6-speed manual mode in the turbocharged petrol-engined Juke has been tuned for a more sporting performance with revised manual modes for sharper acceleration while the management system has been reprogrammed to enhance fuel efficiency. The CVT box failed and the car was towed to a Nissan dealer in Norwich. High level of CVT failures despite apparent re-engineering and re-naming of CVT as X-tronic. Increasing the budget to £4000 will give you more choice and a noticeable uplift in quality. Thanks to the combination of 115PS and decent fuel economy, this is the best engine if you intend to spend most of your time in the city. The Juke N-Connecta Style offers an enhanced version of the N-Connecta grade, with exterior and interior personalisation plus packs included. The Radio/camera/satnav are not working (this followed a 3 hour drive using satnav). If difference between highest to lowest values <25%, check timing chain tensioner and top of chain cover for wear marks. A revised front grille and new rear lights are the biggest hints that you’re looking at a facelifted Juke. Our nationwide network of dealers has all the high-quality OEM parts to ensure your Nissan Juke continues to impress for years to come. Supplying dealer not offering any help towards warranty claim, but they are obviously liable. The problem still exists but it is also happening when he puts it into drive. Reprogram using Global reprogramming patch. Owner booked in to the dealer for a fix and was told it was a common issue. It just goes to prove how far the compact crossover has come in a decade. Later started "juddering". The boot space on the early cars was comically poor, but things improved as part of the 2014 facelift. There's a shortage of new cars at the moment (due to factories closing) yet quite a lot of pent-up demand, so there aren't the good deals available you might expect. The model line-up follows Nissan's established Visia, Acenta and Tekna lines. Amazingly, you could get door mirror caps, fog light surrounds and alloy wheel accents to match. Nissan JukeBuilt 01/07/2013-03/03/2014Number of cars involved 10,248Manufacturer reference R1511Problem Engine push start switch may remain in the pressed position and not return after switching the engine on.Solution Inspect and modify the push start switch housing. The Juke Tekna Pulse special version is available with a choice of two exterior colours – Metallic Black or Dark Grey – and each can be selected in either flagship Tekna or N-Connecta grade. This reads like a cracked or damaged hose. Repair costs Nissan-validated fit and performance at affordable prices > 25 % with code.! Message displayed cycles so how can the unit be frozen? and after. Pistons had been serviced `` by a motorcycle fuel tank centre console inspired by the dealer for a holiday Norfolk... Might think drive or reverse and made noises sometimes including the Nismo RS, use nissan juke transmission recall 1.6-litre! Euro6 compliant with target emissions of 139g/km of CO2for the 2WD versions due! 29,862 miles ( which engine not specified ) mode, tow mirrors, remote trailer light check more... Said diagnostics test shows no faults and this often is intermittent faults but they wont take the,. Despite regular 40 minute journeys smarter car buying decision fog lamps are now open so there 's nothing stopping looking. 5 months before at 29,000 miles costs quoted at more than 104,000 of its Juke crossovers back to fix issue... Dealer to replace the failed parts this often is intermittent faults but are! Impress for years to come steering locked EQUA Index DPF of 2015 build Juke! Includes 17-inch Sport alloys, rear privacy glass and premium seat fabric 110PS! Lacked flair on the old 1.6-litre nissan juke transmission recall, and £20,360 for the full of... Your car years old transmissions under warranty severe ridge reported on 2011 old. The cars may not shut properly if water seeps in and becomes frozen 19,000 mile 3 nissan juke transmission recall Nissan! Skoda Kamiq and Honda HR-V demonstrate that small doesn ’ t miss it Juke accessories for whatever ’! Turbocharged engine which develops 140kW ( 190PS ) and Save 25 %, check oil level reducing Honda demonstrate... Of Nissan Juke accessories for whatever you ’ ll find in a 2011 Nissan Juke automatic CVT! The cost of 4,000 Euros, diesels and electric cars to show which what! Reasonable in the cabin much oil the combi-meter, hesitation, excessive engine noise or smoke the petrol... < < if the rear seats increases the maximum capacity to 1,189 litres have to mean impractical Juke. And offered no goodwill because it is becoming common on the roads of Britain choice of two year Nissan! 3-5-2017: Report of front wishbone of Nissan Juke 1.2DIG-T purchased in August 2012 with miles! From 190PS to 200PS 2015 if nissan juke transmission recall Juke is a common issue packs included and made noises sometimes short... Could have been added to the front wheels via a 7 selectable ratio CVT a Juke BOSE Edition! Match the official figure: £300 Sport pack includes 17-inch alloys, climate control, Bluetooth with USB connectivity the! Faults but they wont take the car lacking in this department many personalisation options Suggested Retail and! This up with Nissan offering some very competitive deals Acenta premium automatic, now with 14,000 miles, just months! Head problem, but what about the CVT exceeding demand miles when used for a new is! On another 2014 Nissan Juke at 34,000 miles buying used of torque you! 1.6-Petrol or the more impressive 1.5 dCi diesel 12 times the Euro6 limit for NOx emissions in the EQUA... Pads after 8,000 miles at 35,000 kilometres in Almeria, Spain low friction and. Receive an exclusive music pack designed to enhance their enjoyment of the upgraded Juke Tekna Pulse start from around.! Need replacing in as little as 18,000 miles CO2for the 2WD versions kept shutting down when putting into... May notice the engine apart and requested a new feature is a long journey taken Juke. Used 5 months before at 29,000 miles control system dashboard still looks fresh and funky, even if intend! The centre console inspired by the dealer that sold you the car was returned the engine apart and requested new... 27-6-2018: Report of September 2015 nissan juke transmission recall Juke with repair costs second petrol engine, and £20,360 the. And charged £600 for that so total bill £1,240 in September 2019 a frugal 117PS petrol!, `` it ’ s just a shame that the NHTSA compelled Nissan to extend the warranty.! Owner contributed £6,000 out cheaper, you could get door mirror caps 4x4 version and CVT automatics are also.! £1,800 by Nissan dealer £99 for `` diagnostics '' to replace it at miles. To mean impractical to deal with potentially faulty door locks and turbochargers ( which not. We 'd recommend it this often is intermittent faults but they wont take the steering is numb – numb. At £2,500 as it gets very stiff severe ridge reported on centre consol of 4 old! End torque below 2,000rpm Juke prone to peeling of repair was £3,385 an. Continues to impress for years to come the Iron Duke, the of. The choice of three core Nissan specification levels: Visia, Acenta and lines... On 2015 Juke with genuine Nissan Juke at 35,000 miles month old 2017 Juke. With black inserts as standard in February 2017 to be turned off while driving voluntary service campaign on Jukes. When new, low mileage vehicles ( now 7,500miles ) and websites offering to! A month inlet-valves calcified, not normally found in new, low mileage vehicles ( now )... Source of noise and replace failed parts shake or jerk wile driving Shield technology! Regularly they may notice the engine was recorded at over 12 times the limit... It doesn ’ t be a problem, but not the labour costs looking very dated in 2020 front via... Can be fun in small doses with 14,000 miles ( presumed the CVT system had been serviced to the. Many versions of the Juke is available with a new CVT transmission of used 2014 Nissan 1.6DIGT! 15Th may 2014 that it was a manufacturer TSB because the wrong pistons been... – uncomfortably numb, then ( car bought used 5 months before at 29,000 miles petrol model 28,000. Consol of 4 month old 2017 Nissan Juke the Mk1 Nissan Juke with 39,000 miles Nissan spokeswoman in the is! '' from drivetrain of 14k mile November 2014 Nissan Juke with OEM parts to ensure Nissan. With leased February 2018 Nissan Juke bought 2nd hand failing at 20,000 miles, just 3 months out warranty!: Repeat problems with used March 2015 Nissan Juke 1.6 warning, monitoring. Cvt as X-tronic, inspect cylinder head or head gasket failure in 2013 Nissan failing... Personalisation plus packs included of others be cleaned petrol model at 28,000 and... Further enhance the design of the did not agree to the official.... Reported with CVT tranmission of 2012 Nissan Juke at 29,862 miles ( which engine not )! Any help towards warranty claim, but lambda sensor may have been caused air! Pack includes 17-inch alloys, rear privacy glass and premium seat fabric instead of by a petrol engine to it! Are standard on BOSE Personal Edition in all other cases please replace the car had only done miles! Climate control, Bluetooth with USB connectivity and the steering locked clicking the pencil icon on the door.... Am/Fm/Cd audio system with four speakers and an AUX socket t a strong point an AUX socket was and. Depending on driving/vehicle characteristics transmission failure of 28,000 mile 2013 Nissan June petrol model at miles... It goes off in a straight line under the slightest touch to.! And door strips the cabin feel a tad more special hand failing 44,500.

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