Rent a Rolls Royce Drophead in Atlanta

With a truly classic Rolls Royce luxury design and a convertible soft top, there is simply no better car for an Atlanta wedding rental than a Rolls Royce Drophead. The polished wood dashboard simply exudes the type of sophistication you want to convey the bride and groom from the ceremony of an outdoor wedding to the reception. And the supple full grain leather seats and air suspension system will make it one of the most comfortable rides ever.

When you rent from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, we will deliver the car to the posh outdoor wedding venue, like Vecoma at the Yellow River. Then after the beautiful couple is driven to the airport, we will pick up the car without any hassle or need to deal with paperwork. A Rolls Royce Drophead rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta offers the best in luxury rides for any wedding couple in the Atlanta area.

Rolls Royce Drophead Rental in Atlanta

If you don’t need a wedding rental, a Rolls Royce Drophead from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta offers numerous features that make it an excellent choice for a weekend rental or day trip rental. Built in GPS navigation and variable power steering make it comfortable and easy to get around in. This is perfect, whether you want to visit the splendors of Atlanata, like Piedmont Park, or whether you want to take a day trip to the untamed wilderness of Stone Mountain Park.

If you simply want to stay local and enjoy the exquisite dining at The General Muir and a world class opera at the Fox Theatre, the front and rear cameras with parking assist will making driving and parking easy in the city streets of Atlanta. This convertible from Rolls Royce is simply one of the most versatile luxury cars you will ever have the pleasure of renting and all you need to get one is to make a call to Exotic Car Rental Atlanta.