BMW M4 Convertible

Rent a BMW M4 Convertible in Atlanta

If you have ever wished you could sit down in a convertible and simply enjoy the warm Atlanta sun on your face and the beautiful near tropical air rushing by you while the car simply drove itself, a BMW M4 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta can practically give you that experience. Technically you will need to have your hands on the wheel and occasionally your feet on the pedals, but the intelligent driving assist program of this car will minimize the amount of work you have to actually perform while driving. Between that and front and rear cameras with parking assist, whether you are highway driving or cruising around the city, this car practically drives itself.

And that driving is quite sublime. A 431 horsepower six cylinder engine gives it solid power and acceleration while built-in GPS navigation with real time traffic information will make sure that you never have to slow down while heading to your favorite Georgia destinations. The car even monitors your speed and informs you, via the heads console display, when you are breaking the speed limit. There is nothing more pleasant than a convertible rental that helps prevent you from getting speeding tickets.

BMW M4 Convertible Rental in Atlanta

Take advantage of your BMW M4 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Atlanta by exploring the grand state of Georgia. The long drive down to the Okefenokee Swamp is made that much more pleasurable when you allow the driving assist systems of the BMW M4 Convertible to do nearly all the work for you. You can literally drive hundreds of miles with only an occasional touch of your foot on the gas or brake. This allows you to focus more fully on the beautiful scenery and warm breezes.

The parking assist system and GPS makes this car nearly as great for urban driving as well. You won’t have any trouble traveling to or finding parking when visiting popular restaurants like Bacchanalia. There is no better car for exploring Georgia and there is no better place to get Atlanta BMW M4 Convertible rentals than Exotic Car Rental Atlanta, which not only offers great rates, but will deliver and pick up the car anywhere in Atlanta.